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Pac 1219 Valve Springs Ovate Beehive Series LS1 LS2 L98 LS3 V8 VT VX VY VZ VE Holden Commodore

Brand: PAC Racing Springs
Product Code: Pac 1219 Valve Springs
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Price: $325.00 $221.00
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Pac Racing 1219 Valve Springs .625" Lift
Suitable for LS1, LS2, LS3 & L98 V8 Holden Commodore & HSV VT-VF Models

PAC racing valve springs employ cutting edge technology in material advancements and processing resulting in superior race track results and reliability. PAC provide unparalleled attention to detail; from design to manufacture and customer satisfaction, in fact no detail is left unnoticed.

The 1200 series beehive valve springs use a premium alloy that out performs automotive industry standards to ensure the springs maintain the load needed to withstand the rigors of street performance and mild racing applications.
Additionally PAC Racing Springs processes these springs to aerospace shotpeening standards to allow for superior resistance to wear and fatigue, and they are capable of happily handling aftermarket camshaft grinds up to a massive .625” valve lift (with 1.7 rocker ratio).

This kit includes 16 valve springs, and can be used with the original locks and retainers. As such this valve spring set is built to withstand the rigors of drag and circuit racing applications, not to mention serious street performance.

So will the PAC 1219suit my needs? The answer would be a resounding “yes” if you have a camshaft grind up to .625” lift at the valve.

The stiffer PAC 1219 valve springs help prevent both valve float and valve bounce. Valve float is an adverse condition which can occur at high engine speeds when the valve does not properly follow the closure phase of the cam lobe. This reduces engine efficiency and performance, and represents a significant risk of severe engine damage due to valve spring damage or pistons contacting the valves. They also negate valve bounce which is a related condition where the valve does not stay seated due to the combined effects of the valve's inertia and resonance of metallic valve springs that reduce the closing force, and allow the valve to re-open partially.

Details on the PAC 1219 Valve Springs:
•    Part Number:        PAC-1219
•    Description 1200 Series Beehive Valve Springs
•    Spring OD (Large end): 1.20"
•    Spring ID (Large end): 0.885"
•    Spring OD (Small end): 1.072"
•    Spring ID (Small end): 0.650"
•    Seat Pressure: 135 LBS @ 1.800
•    Open Pressure: 348 LBS @ 1.175
•    Spring Rate: 340
•    Max Coil Bind: 1.100
•    Max Lift: .625"
•    Contains 16 springs

Buy with confidence from Tuff Car Parts. We have the experience and expertise to help you make the right decision, and will only every supply the products that will get the job done.

100% PAC Racing Springs part guaranteed.

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WARRANTY: Tuff Car Parts is committed to giving our customers the best buying experience available online when purchasing automotive parts. This includes us proudly supporting all products we sell with our own 12 month warranty. If a part fails and is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty Tuff Car Parts will gladly follow up all warranty claims on your behalf, meaning you can get a replacement as soon as possible without the headache of dealing with warranty departments yourself. Collateral damage is not covered by PAC Racing Springs, and as such cannot be covered by Tuff Car Parts.

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