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Siemens Deka 60lb 650cc High Performance Fuel Injector with EV1 Connector Set of 6

Brand: Siemens
Product Code: Siemens Deka 6x 60LB Fuel Injectors
Availability: In Stock
Price: $600.00 $405.00
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Please be aware that this listing is for 6 x injectors. Visit our store for our other listings if you are looking for sets of 4 or 8 injectors.

Genuine Siemens / Mototron DEKA IV (DEKA 4) High Impedance 60lb Injectors

Tuff Car Parts stocks a wide range of injectors, ensuring that only the highest quality candidates make the cut. Amongst these is the well-respected Siemens 60lb 650cc EV1 injector.

These popular injectors don’t exhibit the high fuel pressure handling problems that are typically found with many if not most other high flow high-impedance injectors whilst still remaining linear and controllable. This more consistent behavior will make you tuning specialist smile as fuel trims and the vehicle’s idle character are far easier to tune, resulting in better performance and better drivability both down low in the RPM range and at wide open throttle.

These injectors flow at an impressive 60 lbs/hr at 43.5 PSI (3 BAR), and of course are able to exceed this at greater PSI, seeing up to 85lb/hr at 87 PSI. Despite the high flow rate, they are linear and controllable at low pulse widths and have been used in ULEV applications. This allows you to use a larger injector than normally possible without hurting idle and low speed drivability.

Adding to the flexibility of application, these injectors are high impedance making them compatible with most ECUs, whilst delivering the most flow available in a high impedance injector. Historically most performance injectors with higher flow rates would likely have been low impedance injectors. This is because in the older (fat body style) low impedance injectors (think 1980’s and 1990’s designs) had faster opening response times and generated less heat when they were being operated with proper peak and hold injector signals. This meant that at higher flow rates and lengthier duty cycles low impedance injectors would outperform their high impedance counterparts.

Today’s high impedance injectors however are able to outperform those older low impedance injectors at larger flow rates due to their newer designs, tighter manufacturing tolerances and much lighter moving parts. Thanks to this newer technology current Siemens injectors are more linear throughout their pulse range; they are able to repeat shorter pulse widths consistently which means they can provide excellent part throttle and idle characteristics, and operate at higher maximum operating pressures.

The injector connector utilized is the EV1 which is found on many older and late-model OEM applications such as the GM TBI, TPI, LT1, LT4, LS1, some LS2, some LS6 and most European applications. For ease of use we also offer this injector with the EV6 / USCAR connector (MOTR-04557). Purchase only the injector with the connector you need and eliminate the need for in-line adapters or having to change the factory connectors.

•    Part Number: Siemens FI114961, Siemens 107961
•    Series: DEKA 4 (DEKA IV)
•    Installation Compatibility: Deka I, IV Long, V Long, & VII Long Installation Compatible
•    Connector: Minitimer/EV1
•    Static Flow Rate n-Heptane: 7.64 g/sec (61 lb/hr, 668 cc)
•    Fuel Pressure: 300 kPa
•    Dynamic Flow Rate n-Heptane: mg/pulse (15.7 mg/pulse 2.5 ms PW, 20 ms Period)
•    Offset: 0.67 ms
•    Minimum Linear PW: 1.5 ms
•    Linear Flow Range (SAE): 8.43
•    Opening/Closing Time: 1.3 ms / 0.7 ms
•    Coil Resistance: 12.0
•    Injector Inductance: 11.6 mH
•    SMOV/DMOV: 4.42 V / 4.92 V
•    Orifice Type: Multi-orifice
•    Spray Pattern: 26° Cone
•    Identification Shell: Color Black
•    O-Ring type: Viton upper and lower o-rings

•    Body Design: Long, EV1 electrical connector, Deka IV, high-carbon composite
•    Length: 60.44 mm
•    Diameter: 15 mm
•    O-rings: Top - 14.0 mm, bottom – 13.5mm
•    Compatible with both standard gasolines and ethanol flex fuels

100% Genuine Siemens part guaranteed.

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It’s a sad fact that some websites promote inauthentic product, some knowingly and others that may not even realize the product they are representing are reproductions or the like, as they are not purchasing directly from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative. So please be safe on the internet, trust your instincts and ask questions.

WARRANTY: Tuff Car Parts is committed to giving our customers the best buying experience available online when purchasing automotive parts. This includes us proudly supporting all products we sell with our own 12 month warranty. If a part fails and is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty Tuff Car Parts will gladly follow up all warranty claims on your behalf, meaning you can get a replacement as soon as possible without the headache of dealing with warranty departments yourself.

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